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Channing Tatum- Having A Hard Time Splitting With Jenna Dewan

ANYONE who is in a relationship for multiple years, and has a kid together, is going to need adjusting when it comes to a split. That’s a major change in your life, whether it’s a good change or a bad change, it’s going to take time. Channing Tatum is no different. Sources say he is having a tough time adjusting to his split with ex Jenna Dewan. The breakup has “been hard for Channing,” a source close to the couple, both 37, tells PEOPLE. “He always had Jenna and their family to go home to, so having their separation be ‘official’ now has been a big adjustment for him.” Which would be hard for anyone. Like we stated earlier, whether it’s a good one or bad one, its an adjustment. Can’t blame him for that. As for Dewan, a second source says, “Jenna has a super-packed schedule and a ton of girlfriends to lean on and spend time with. Her life isn’t really changing … if anything, she’s just busier.” So, it’s obvious that the “source” is a friend of Jenna’s. LOL According to PEOPLE both Dewan and Tatum have been spotted out and about  without their wedding rings since jointly announcing their split on April 2.

5 Intersting Facts About Siblings

National Sibling Day takes place every year in the U.S. on April 10. The holiday was conceived in the ’90s by New York resident Claudia Evart after she lost both of her siblings early in life. Evart now runs the Siblings Day Foundation, which aims to make Sibling Day federally recognized like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. For those of you who have siblings, here are five facts about them you might not have been aware of:


  1. Your siblings literally shape who you are. Whether you consciously realize it or not, you actually learn a whole lot about life from your siblings. Even though you’re mostly influenced by your parents, a brother or sister can teach you all you need to know about some of the more informal skills in life, like how to act at school or how to seem “cool” around your friends.
  2. Having a younger sibling is good for your health. According to a recent study led by researchers at the University of Michigan, becoming a big brother or sister before a certain age can lower your risk of becoming obese. In the study, the birth of a new sibling is associated with a healthier body mass index, especially if the older sibling is between the ages of 2 and 4 at the time of the child’s birth.
  3. The youngest sibling is the funniest. Research from YouGov shows, in a general sense, birth order can shape your personality. For example, the oldest child in a family tends to feel a greater weight of responsibility, while younger siblings characterize themselves as more easygoing, relaxed and, of course, funny.
  4. Sisters protect their siblings from feeling blue. A study from Brigham Young University finds having a sister, even if she’s younger than you, protects you from feelings of loneliness, guilt, fear and self-consciousness, especially if you’re a young teen.
  5.  Having a sibling of the opposite sex can help you get dates. In Jeffrey Kluger’s book  The Sibling Effect, he includes tons of fun facts—all backed up by science—about sibling relationships shows, when you pair people up in a speed-dating scenario, the men who grew up with sisters tend to be much better at conversing with the opposite sex, compared with those who grew up with brothers or as only children.And the same turned out to be true for women who have brothers, as well.

And just because… Here’s a picture of the Weasley siblings from Harry Potter:

Rachel McAdams And Boyfriend Welcomes Baby Boy Into The World

Rachel McAdams has welcomed a baby boy, according to Hollywood Pipeline. Photos published by the outlet show the 29-year-old Canadian actress and her screenwriter boyfriend Jamie Linder stepping out for lunch together. Linder can be seen carrying a baby in his arms. Sources say the parents were gushing about what a “good sleeper” and “good sleeper” the child is. McAdams, who most famously dated her former  Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling, began dating Linder in 2016 and has remained very private about their relationship.


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