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Obie & Ashley 05.23.18

How to Win a signed Sam Hunt Hat?? Does Slater's boot still smell?? Worst place to get drunk.


Obie & Ashley 05.22.18

Find "Backwoods Waldo" & Win!, Ashley called out sick today & here's why...


Obie & Ashley 05.21.18

What you missed at the Royal Wedding, Obie's Grocery Gossip: Chimp Man a Real Thing?!


Obie & Ashley 05.17.18

Yanny vs Laurel with a Hearing Specialist, Should Ashley've called the Cops?, What's your Go To Drink?


Obie & Ashley 05.16.18

Premiere of Brand New Sam Hunt "Downtown's Dead", FGL reveals plans for a FGL Boat House" restaurant in FL, Would you tell someone they had a hanging booger in their nose?


Obie & Ashley 05.15.18

Jon Cena's shocking plea to his ex, Obie and Ashley: Who's the better cook?? Talking Plus 1's at Weddings. Should you always be able to bring one??​


Obie & Ashley 05.14.18

Latest "Lazy Vacay" Trend, Obie's Grocery Gossip!!, What should guys wear on a first date??


Obie & Ashley 05.11.18

What are you doing for Mother's Day?, Trisha Yearwood gives you Mom's a Gift, How Do you Spoil Your Kids?


Obie & Ashley 05.10.18

40% of Mom's admit doing THIS on Mother's Day..., Why Obie is the Worst Yard Seller, Who's Better at Parking Guys or Girls?!


Obie & Ashley 05.09.18

How you can see the Royal Wedding Live!, Who would make a better teacher Obie or Ashley, What Superlative Did You Win?!


Obie & Ashley 05.08.18

How many Vacation Days Do People Take, Why Ashley should have called the Police!, That time your credit card got declined?!


Obie & Ashley 05.07.18

Mason Ramsey (Yodel Kid) debuts new song, Obie's Grocery Gossip!, What Age Is Too Old For The Club?!


Second Date Update 05.04.18

What celeb is trash talking "The Voice", Force or Horse?!?, Do You Dress Up Your Dog?


Obie & Ashley 05.03.18

Wanna make more friends at work? Do this!, Why Ashley is everyone's problem solver?, Did you have a Hot Teacher growing up??


Obie & Ashley 05.02.18

Date with Facebook, Does Obie know The Proper Way to Boat?, What have you accomplished Late in Life?!


Obie & Ashley 05.02.18

How to Date on Facebook, Does Obie really know the rules of Boating?, What have you accomplished late in life??!


Obie & Ashley 05.01.18

Where's The Best Place to Vacation in the Country?, Does Slater know what this baby Item is?,Talking People Getting Married FAST!


Obie & Ashley 04.25.18

Slater's Baby Gender Reveal LIVE, What type of music has The Worst Fans?!


Obie & Ashley 04.24.18

Can Obie & Ashley convince Slater to reveal his baby's gender??, Why Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan are fighting, Are You OK with Flirting while in a relationship?!


Obie & Ashley 04.23.18

Kalen Lee of Ormand Beach Top 12 on The Voice, Obie's Grocery Gossip, Chime Time: What Animals Freak You Out??

30 items
Results 1 - 20 of 30 next >