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Obie & Ashley 07.16.18

Slater asks Obie to be his daughter's Godfather, Details on this years 23rd annual K92.3 All Star Jam!


Obie & Ashley 07.13.18

Obie and Ashley Break ALL superstitions on Friday the 13th!, What's is the scariest scary movie?


Obie & Ashley 07.12.18

Is Obies' 8 yr old son, old enough for a pocket knife? Are Wet T Shirt Contest still a thing?


Obie & Ashley 07.10.18

Ashley's smelly fingers, Obie & Ashley's Kids Sub Club, Should every Kid get a trophy?


Obie & Ashley 07.09.18

Obie's Grocery Gossip-Megan Markle has British accent? Are Cats better than Dogs??


Obie & Ashley 07.05.18

Slater open up about his wife's premature labor, Toughest professions to date.


Obie & Ashley 06.28.18

Dierks Bentley talks about his "Duru", Ashley's new Career # Video Vixen.


Obie & Ashley 06.27.18

Water bottles start car fires!, Slater is outlawing this Grandmother name, Do you swerve when a critter enters the road?


Obie & Ashley 06.26.18

Obie & Ashley's Kids Sub Club, Ashley's new invention? Ever been burned by reply all?


Obie & Ashley 06.22.18

Obie's kick Ashley & Slater out of the "Trust Tree", Is your pet disliking your date a deal breaker??


Obie & Ashley 06.21.18

MORGAN WALLEN calls in, Why Obie & Slater take Ashley's man side over her's in this Big fight!


Obie & Ashley 06.20.18

Is Obie Leaving the Show? How to survive a jellyfish sting, & are you the bad boy/bad boy in your relationship??


Obie & Ashley 06.19.18

Premiere of the brand new Garth Brooks song, All Day Long, Is Ashley getting evicted?? Are you friends with your neighbors?


Obie & Ashley 06.18.18

What awkward moment did Obie share with Jason Aldean? Did Meghan Markle's dad walk Scotty McCreery's fiance' down the aisle? Is it ok to use the handicapped stall if your not handicapped??


Obie & Ashley 06.13.18

Should Interns get Paid?. Obie's getting fashionable for vacation, What turns you on??


Obie & Ashley 06.12.18

Slater's Moldy Foot Gets a Pedicure, CHIME TIME: Hit a parked car & no ones around; What do you do?!


Obie & Ashley 06.11.18

Obie, Ashley & Slater make guesses on what the B in IHOB will stand for, Obie's Grocery Gossip!


Obie & Ashley 06.08.18

Slater says goodbye to Disney, Ashley's got a surprise weekend plans!


Obie & Ashley 06.07.18

Obie & Ashley World Premiere: Kane Brown's brand new song Lose It, CHIME TIME: What words do you use in place of curse words??


Obie & Ashley 06.06.18

Blabberbox: Can Obie insert animal noises into an interview with Michael Ray without him noticing?? In a relationship is it ok to look at the opposite sex??

50 items
Results 1 - 20 of 50 next >