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Some Americans smell odors that aren’t there, study says

Have you ever smelled something distinct, like an ash tray or burning, only to realize nothing is there? The condition is pretty common, according to a new report.

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Researchers from the National Institutes of Health and National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) recently conducted a study, published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, to examine the prevalence and risk factors for phantom odor perception, which occurs when people smell things that don’t actually exist.

To do so, they gathered data from 7,417 participants over 40 years of age from the 2011-2014 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. They used the information to determine whether participants had experienced phantom odor perception with questions like, “Do you sometimes smell an unpleasant, bad, or burning odor when nothing is there?”

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The analysts then factored in their age, sex, education level, race, socioeconomic status, certain health habits and general health status to find the link between phantom odors and the participant’s characteristics.

After analyzing the results, they discovered that the ability to identify odors decreases with age, while phantom odor perception seems to improve with age. 

Furthermore, they said that one in 15 Americans experience phantom odors. It was most prevalent among adults aged 40-60, and twice as many women as men reported the condition, particularly women under age 60. 

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“Problems with the sense of smell are often overlooked, despite their importance. They can have a big impact on appetite, food preferences, and the ability to smell danger signals such as fire, gas leaks, and spoiled food,” Judith A. Cooper, acting director of the NIDCD, said in a statement.

The authors also explained that those “who perceive strong phantom odors often have a miserable quality of life, and sometimes cannot maintain a healthy weight.”

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The scientists do not yet know the causes of phantom odor perception. However, they hypothesized that it could be related to overactive odor sensing cells. 

“A good first step in understanding any medical condition is a clear description of the phenomenon,” co-author Kathleen Bainbridge added. “From there, other researchers may form ideas about where to look further for possible causes and ultimately for ways to prevent or treat the condition.”

FAU favored to repeat at C-USA champ after change under Lane

Lane Kiffin knew very little about Conference USA before he became Florida Atlantic's head coach. Same for Butch Davis at Florida International.

The high-profile coaches made immediate impacts in their new league, and at their new schools not all that far apart.

FAU is the preseason favorite to repeat as league champs after a school-record 11 wins and its first C-USA title. The Owls, coming off three consecutive 3-9 seasons, overcame a 1-3 start last season and now and carry a 10-game winning streak into their 2018 opener at Oklahoma.

FIU went 8-5, doubling its win total from the previous season for the team's first winning record since joining the conference in 2013.

"Way better than people think that it is," Davis said about C-USA. "The level of the coaches in this conference, there's some damn good football coaches in just about every place. ... There's a lot more talent, there's a lot of really good athletes in this conference."

Kiffin, who spent the previous three seasons with Nick Saban at Alabama, had a similar impression about a league that had 10 bowl-eligible teams and sent nine to postseason games (only the SEC and ACC has more).

"Especially (when) you've got some games where they're basically assuming that you're going to lose early in the year, to be able to still have that many teams bowl-eligible again speaks to the players, but to the coaches, too," Kiffin said.

Rick Stockstill is the longest-tenured C-USA coach, going into his 13th season at Middle Tennessee. This is Doc Holliday's ninth season at Marshall.

Louisiana Tech has won bowl games each of the past four seasons under coach Skip Holtz, while North Texas has played in bowls both seasons since former North Carolina assistant Seth Littrell became its coach. Mike Sanford Jr. was Notre Dame's offensive coordinator before going to Western Kentucky last year.

The whole league will be watching when FAU opens at Oklahoma, the preseason favorite to win its fourth consecutive Big 12 title after being in the College Football Playoff last season. So what if the Owls could pull off an upset Sept. 1?

"That would do a ton for the program, and for the conference, and Group of Five," Kiffin said. "We've got a very tough schedule, we're not putting everything into that game. Then all of a sudden you don't win that game and ... you start losing games that you should win."


Middle Tennessee quarterback Brent Stockstill remembers being a little standoffish with the head coach when he first got to school there "just to try to prove that I was there was a football player and not because of (being) his son." Stockstill goes into his senior season already as the Blue Raiders career leader in touchdown passes (77) and 300-yard passing games (14).

"It's everything that I wanted it to be, and more," said the younger Stockstill, who plans to be a coach like his dad. "We've grown closer and closer and really tried to just do it the right way and show people that it's a special opportunity."

Rick Stockstill said it's hard to put into words how much he's enjoyed the time coaching his son.


East Division: Florida Atlantic returns 15 starters, including running back Devin Singletary and linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair, the preseason C-USA offense and defensive players of the year. Singletary led the nation with 32 rushing touchdowns while running for 1,920 yards, and Al-Shaair had 147 tackles. The Owls will have a new starting quarterback - former Oklahoma player Chris Robison or DeAndre Johnson, by way of Florida State and East Mississippi Community College.

West Division: Two of the losses by North Texas last season were to FAU, and both were lopsided - first in the regular season and then in the C-USA championship game. But the Mean Green were 7-0 against other C-USA opponents. Quarterback Mason Fine (school records of 4,052 yards passing and 31 TDs), last year's C-USA offensive player of the year, is among 17 returning starters. Top tackler E.J. Ejiya is also back. FAU visits Denton on Nov. 15, about two weeks before the league championship game.


Mike Bloomgren takes over at Rice as a first-time head coach after the past seven seasons as a Stanford assistant. The 41-year-old Bloomgren replaced two-time C-USA coach of the year David Baliff, fired after Rice finished 1-11 in his 11th season.

New UTEP coach Dana Dimel was previously head coach at Wyoming (1997-99) and Houston (2000-02), and was an assistant at Kansas State, his alma mater, the past nine years. The Miners were the only Division I team that didn't win a game last season.


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FL Lottery

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ These Florida lotteries were drawn Friday:

Estimated jackpot: $88 million


(two, seven)


(two, zero, two)


(nine, nine, seven, two)


(four, zero, seven, two, four)

Estimated jackpot: $50 million

Pick 2 Midday

Pick 3 Midday

Pick 4 Midday

Pick 5 Midday


Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 5 Midday' game

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ The winning numbers in Friday afternoon's drawing of the Florida Lottery's "Pick 5 Midday" game were:


(four, zero, seven, two, four)

Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 2 Midday' game

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ The winning numbers in Friday afternoon's drawing of the Florida Lottery's "Pick 2 Midday" game were:


(two, seven)

Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 4 Midday' game

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ The winning numbers in Friday afternoon's drawing of the Florida Lottery's "Pick 4 Midday" game were:


(nine, nine, seven, two)

Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 3 Midday' game

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ The winning numbers in Friday afternoon's drawing of the Florida Lottery's "Pick 3 Midday" game were:


(two, zero, two)

McDonald’s worker charged with photographing customer credit cards in fraud scheme

A McDonald’s employee in West Monroe, Louisiana is facing identity theft charges after being accused of taking photos of customer credit cards while she worked behind the front counter of the restaurant, police said.

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Zynique Mitchell, 18, told officers that she took photographs of the credit cards during work and attempted to use them to purchase items online later, the Monroe News Star reported.

Officers reported that photos of credit cards were found on her phone, according to court documents

Mitchell told police she tried to use one of the cards but couldn’t complete the purchase, according to police.

During the interview, officers searched Mitchell’s purse and found two unmarked pill bottles, according to court papers.

Mitchell was arrested Thursday on three counts of identity theft and two counts of sale, distribution or possession of a legend drug without a prescription.

She is currently in jail in lieu of a $6,500 bond.

Giant ‘hairy sea monster’ washes ashore on Russian beach

An unidentifiable “hairy sea monster” washed up on the Kamchatka peninsula on the Bering Sea. 

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Svetlana Dyadenko shared video of the puzzling and stinking mass lying on the volcanic sand earlier this week.

“This unidentified and strange-looking creature was washed on the shore next to the village of Pakhachi, on the north-eastern side of the Kamchatka Peninsula,” she told the Siberian Times. “The most interesting thing to me is that the creature is covered with tubular fur. Could it be some ancient creature?”

Conjecture and theories from commenters wondered if it was the remains of an ancient woolly mammoth freed from its glacial resting spot. Maybe it was some type of octopus or squid, others asked Dyadenko.

While the enigmatic mass is baffling, some believe they have a definitive answer. It’s a globster, a term coined in 1962 to describe the remains of a carcass with no discernible eyes, head or bone structure.

“Under the influence of the sea, time and various animals, from the smallest to the largest, a whale often takes on bizarre forms,” Segei Kornev, a marine biologist from Kamchatka, told The Siberian Times. “This is only a part of a whale, not a whole one.”

Former NFL linebacker credits yoga for saving his life

NEW YORK (AP) - Keith Mitchell only ever considered himself a football player. It was a label he willingly claimed for so long. When that was ripped away, he was lost.

"You don't realize how attached you are to the identity," the former All-Pro linebacker said. "I didn't know myself."

He had to relearn who he was.

On Sept. 14, 2003, playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mitchell made what appeared to be a routine tackle - until he wound up flat on his back, unable to move. He was rushed to the hospital.

There Mitchell learned his playing career was over in only his seventh NFL season - at 31 years old. He had a spinal contusion.

"All my life, I've been told doctors have all the answers," he said. "So what do you do when the doctor doesn't have an answer for you? I mean, do you become the victim? That's where things can get really chaotic with depression and suicidal thoughts - all that kind of stuff you hear about - and that's what showed up for me."

Until he found conscious breathing, which led to meditation and ultimately yoga.

Mitchell latched onto the practice quickly, even though he had never done it before.

"I realized that I had to," he said. "If I didn't, I don't think I would be here.

"It held me together," Mitchell added. "It created a new way of investing in me and creating a new me, not just with the physical ways I sustained and held trauma but also the mental ways I sustained and held trauma."

Yoga gave him a holistic view of himself as he was healing.

Not only does Mitchell still do yoga, he's a certified yoga instructor with more than a decade of experience. He founded the Light It Up Foundation and the KM59 wellness movement that helps children, trauma survivors, first responders and veterans.

He's even pioneering for the NCAA and NFL to further adopt the practice . Mitchell believes some players lose perspective as they latch onto "the concept of a gladiator" as a football player. Instead of listening to their bodies, they just push them.

Mitchell says the meditation aspect of yoga can bring them back to reality, allowing them to focus on themselves and figure out who they are beyond football. The workout part then simply maintains the body.

Post-career physical and mental dips can be prevented.

"Even though the headline intention of most yoga sessions is to lengthen muscles and to work on core stability, the benefits that are reaped from the mindfulness piece are huge," said National Athletic Trainers' Association president Tory Lindley, who's also the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Health, Safety and Performance and Director of Athletic Training Services at Northwestern University. "Yet in some ways, more athletes aren't even aware they're doing it when they're doing it."

Some are, and it's part of the reason why they practice yoga.

"It helps you stay clear, so that you never get down or up and down or up," New York Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams said. "It helps you just think about your intention every day, saying clear and focused on what you want in life."

Mitchell wishes he had practice yoga while playing football. It would have helped him recover all that he sacrificed to the game on a regular basis, mentally and physically, and find a better balance.

But he knows not to stress the what-ifs in life.

"I used to go around the country hitting people," Mitchell said. "Now I go around the country saying, 'Namaste.'"

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