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Low Down From Twang Town

Posted: 6:21 a.m. Friday, July 11, 2014

Kip Moore Twitter Feud With Ticket Scalper 

Kip Moore is certainly one to stick up for his fans, and he doesn't like ticket scalpers trying to rip his fans off.

Kip recently saw a tweet put out by Twitter user Brent Miller, who also is a ticket scalper and Kip responded. It has since escalated, here's what's going down:

Original tweet from Brent Miller @brent2301: "@KipMooreMusic 16 tickets available for joes will sell general admission for 125 each or sold out vip for 225 message me"

Kip responded with: "ur an absolut piece of [explicit]...ur robbing people that work hard everyday. Have fun being the worst"

Kip continued: "I c u w nothing but hate things about msgs about ur scalping my tics. If I c u in my crowd I'll throw ur dumb *&% out myself"

Brent then responded with: "chance of meet and greet on friday in tampa, fl, we can "settle" our differences tough guy!"

Kip responded: "haha u got one waiting and ill pay u $1000 to b there"

Brent responded: "See you then dude please leave under Brent Miller @kipmooremusic"

See the full convo from Twitter here.