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Low Down From Twang Town

Posted: 9:38 a.m. Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

Randy Houser Saves Fan From Bleeding To Death 

Tree lighting, Santa at Clematis by Night
Randy Houser

In a new intervie,  Randy Houser shared a gruesome story of a violent incident he saw at one of his shows. Houser says from the stage he saw a fan named Rocky who "wasn’t really doing nothing wrong. He was just a little drunk. And this one guy from another town came up and busted a beer bottle and slit his throat right there in front of us.” Houser says he quickly jumped in to defend his fan. “Next thing I know, I’ve thrown my guitar down, and I have this guy up against the wall with a beer bottle in his hand, up against the wall like I’m gonna do something. He could have easily, probably cut my throat, too. We all had to grab Rocky and put something around him. Keep him from bleeding to death.” Yikes!