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“Cash Me Ousside” Girl Lands Her Own Reality TV Show

Well this should be more than interesting to see how people feel about this girl getting her own reality show. The video above is the original video of the aggressive 13-year-old who became a viral sensation last year after appearing on Dr. Phil and telling the audience, “Cash me outside howbowdah.” Danielle Bregoli has reportedly landed her own reality TV show. According to TMZ, Bregoli has just signed with a “major TV production company” and is working with IMG’s original content department. The news comes in the wake of the troubled teen’s manager boasting that they’d been contacted by seven production companies, four of which wanted to turn Bregoli and her mom into huge stars. Sigh.

Adele Announces “She May Never Tour Again”

It seems as though Adele likes to end things in style… Last year, Adele ended her tour by saying she was going to make a baby. And now, her most recent tour is over and  “Rumor Has It” that Adele may never tour again! She finished off the final leg of her 25 world tour on Sunday by telling fans in New Zealand that she may be done with the road. “Touring isn’t something I’m good at,” Adele said from the stage in Auckland. “Applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable. I don’t know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I’ve toured is you. I’m not sure if touring is my bag.” Adele’s tour promoter Michael Coppel had likewise warned in an interview last week with The Daily Telegraph, “We may never see her again.” Sounds like she’s looking forward to some “Hometown Glory.” So if she is in your state for a show, go to it… because it may be a once in a lifetime thing!

NFL Approves And Oakland Raiders Have Moved States

It was almost unanimous in a vote to make a big move in the NFL. By a vote of 31-1, National Football League owners approved the Raiders’ move from Oakland to Las Vegas today. The Miami Dolphins were the only dissenting vote, reports ESPN. The Raiders will remain in Oakland this season and perhaps awhile longer as they await completion of a 65,000-seat, $1.9 billion domed stadium in the desert. This marks the third time in the franchise’s history that the Raiders have moved, as they abandoned Oakland for Los Angeles in 1982, only to return to the Bay Area in 1995.

DWTS’s First Elimination of the Season

Last season was a huge season with our girl Jana Kramer representing country music all the way up till the final 3! This season, is just as entertaining… On Monday night’s episode of DWTS, Chris Kattan was the first contestant to be eliminated from season 24. The SNL star, who has spent the past 20 years recovering from breaking his neck, revealed that he wished the show had given more attention to his injury prior to his lackluster performance. However, he graciously gave credit to his partner Witney Carson for being an “inspiration” during their time together. On the other side of the spectrum, Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei and football player Rashad Jennings tied for the highest score of the night. The judges were especially touched by Jennings’ candidness about a difficult breakup he recently went through and applauded him for a beautiful waltz set to Charlie Puth’s song “Suffer.” Meanwhile, fan favorite Simone Biles also delivered by showcasing a sexy cha-cha that had judge Bruno Tonioli quipping, “I think you sent off all the fire alarms in the studio.”

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Play “Most Likely To”

Tim McGraw and Faith hill played a fun little game of “Most Likely To.” Which is a pretty self explanitory game. Someone says who is most likely to do this thing and they answer. Tim’s most likely to hog the remote and be romantic . . . Faith’s most likely to plan a vacation or discipline the kids. They did the interview yesterday. Here are some of the questions to they’re game of “Most Likely To.”  See if you can guess the answers . . . Who’s most likely to wake up first? Answer:  Faith Most likely to control the TV remote?  Answer:  Tim.  He likes to watch reality shows where they’re in the garage, rebuilding cars and stuff.  Faith’s more of an “Alaskan Bush People” type.  And the last thing they binge-watched was “The Crown”.     Most likely to fall asleep in the middle of the movie?  They both do.     Most likely to plan a vacation?  Faith.  But Tim’s all about the ‘surprise’ vacation.     Most likely to cook?  Neither . . . because they BOTH cook.  Faith’s specialty is fried chicken, cornbread, peas, and cherry pie.  Tim says his specialty is chicken and dumplings, but Faith says it’s spaghetti and meatballs.

United Airlines Being Slammed For Banning Girls With Leggings

When you are getting on a plane to go somewhere, the first thing you are worried about it making sure you are comfortable. So quite a few women will wear leggings… becuase they are super comfortable! Well United Airlines is facing major backlash after allegedly keeping two young girls from boarding their flight because they were wearing leggings. “A united gate agent isn’t letting girls in leggings get on flight from Denver to Minneapolis because spandex is not allowed?” witness Shannon Watts tweeted on Sunday. “She’s forcing them to change or put dresses on over leggings or they can’t board.” Watts went on to explain that the two girls were allowed to board after changing their clothing. While United Airlines has since clarified that the girls “were not in compliance with our dress code policy for company benefit travel,” several people–including actress Patricia Arquette–have condemned the airlines policy. “Leggings are business attire for 10 year olds,” Arquette tweeted. “Their business is being children.”

Disney’s CEO Says Carrie Fisher’s Death Will Not Be Addressed in 8th Star Wars Movie

Star Wars has hit a little bump in the road when it comes to the next movie they will be doing. The bump is the fact that they still have another movie to do and Carrie Fisher has passed, so now they have to address a way to fill her spot. But Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed on Thursday that Carrie Fisher’s death will NOT be addressed in the eighth Star Wars film and that she won’t be recreated digitally in the future. “We are not changing 8 to deal with her passing,” he said during a USC tech conference. “Her performance remains as it was in 8. In Rogue One, we created digitally a few characters… We’re not doing that with Carrie.” According to Variety, Iger also shared new details about the forthcoming Han Solo: A Star Wars Story–including that the film will follow Solo’s life from the age of 18 through 24 and will feature him “acquiring a certain vehicle and meeting a certain Wookie.” Iger added that the film will also explain to fans how Solo “got his name.”

Keith Urban to Play NCAA March Madness Fest

With the Final Four getting underway next weekend, the NCAA announced today that Keith Urban, The Chainsmokers, Aerosmith, Macklemore, Blink-182, and more artists have been lined up to perform at the 2017 March Madness Music Festival, taking place March 31-April 2 in Phoenix. The festivities will take place at Margaret T. Hance Park, conveniently located near the University of Phoenix Stadium where the Final Four games will take place. Also on the bill are Leon Bridges, Capital Cities, Nathaniel Ratliff and the Night Sweats, and Grouplove. Chainsmokers, Keith Urban to Play NCAA March Madness Music Festival « NCAA March Madness Music Festival 2017 Lineup: The Chainsmokers, Keith Urban & More | Billboard:

Thick Mint Stout Is Your Unofficial “Girl Scout Beer”

Anything Girls Scout Cookie is going to be a hit… it always is. The Thin Mint Blizzard from Dairy Queen… that was the end of an era when that ended and now there is a new trend of girl scout cookie amazing-ness! Fans over the age of 21 have good reason to rejoice becuase Food & Wine is reporting that New York’s Southern Tier Brewing Company recently debuted an new imerpial stout modeled after the iconic Thin Mint cookie. Released as part of their “Blackwater Series,” the Thick Mint Stout is 10 percent alcohol by volume and is brewed with cocoa nibs and mint. “We made big ways when we introduced Choklat in 2007,” the brewery says in a statement about the new release. “Since then, our affection for decadent, flavorful, dessert-like beers and a zeal to venture into the far corners of the flavor world, have been the drivers in our endless quest to brew the perfect indulgence.” The Thick Mint Stout is available now in 12 ounce bottles and draft.

You Aren’t Alone In Doing These 8 Weird Habits

Do you ever wonder if other people share the same weird habits as you? Well we found an online survey about it. Here are eight questions we liked . . . When you leave a store without buying anything, do you get worried they’ll think you’re shoplifting? 75% of people said yes. When you write the word “Wednesday,” do you sound it out in your head as “Wed-ness-day”? 85% of us do it. Do you pace around and fidget with stuff while you’re on the phone? 78% said yes. Do you cringe when you hear a recording of your own voice? 82% said yes. Do you ever worry other people are judging you for how fast your windshield wipers are going in light rain? 52% say yes. When you’re reading a book, do you ever space out . . . read a whole page . . . and then not remember any of it? 97% say yes. Do you ever close Facebook or Twitter because you’re bored with it . . . then open it back up one second later without thinking? 93% say yes. Do you ever respond to your pet by saying, “I know” after they bark or meow? 83% of us do it.

Babysitting Now Costs, On Average, $15 An Hour

There’s a reason why parents all over the country try to scam free babysitting out of THEIR parents as much as possible. And after reading this… can you blame them? You’ll start saying, “Don’t you want to spend time with your grandkids? They miss you,” more and more often!  It’s because the alternative is REALLY expensive.According to a new survey, babysitters now cost $15.20-per-hour, PER-CHILD. So if you’ve got two kids and you go out for four hours, that’s $120 worth of babysitting. But even with those prices, almost one-third of parents hire a sitter at least once a week. 10% hire one two times a year or less.

Disney World Will Offer Mobile Food Ordering At Park

The future is just getting crazy… I mean we can do pretty much everything from out phones! But this can definitely be a perk when it comes to the busy theme parks in Florida. And it just got a little easier for smartphone-toting theme park buffs to get their lunch at Disney World this summer. Disney will be hopping on the mobile ordering trend when Pandora — The World of Avatar opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom during Memorial Day weekend. Folks will be able to fire up the official My Disney Experience app to order and pre-pay for food at Satu’li Canteen, the lush new area’s Avatar-themed counter-service eatery. It’s the first (and for now, only) restaurant at a Disney World theme park to offer mobile ordering, but if the option proves popular you know it’s just a matter of time before it works its way through the rest of the massive resort’s culinary offerings.

Tom Cruise Training Over a Year For Insane Stunt For “Mission: Impossible 6”

If you have seen any of the other Mission: Impossible movies, you know that its a movie made up of insane crazy stunts. and part of making of the movies is that each stunt being bigger and better than the last one, especially in terms of the ridiculous stunts that Tom Cruise has to do. Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol involved him climbing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation had him cling to an airplane as it took off, and it sounds like Mission: Impossible 6 is going to have a stunt so insane that Cruise has been training to do it for over a year. That’s according to Collider, which spoke with M:I 6 producer David Ellison about the film. According to Ellison, this new stunt is going to be “the most impressive and unbelievable thing that Tom Cruise has done in a movie,” and he’s been preparing for it since “right after Rogue Nation came out.” He wouldn’t offer any specifics, but he explained that Cruise prefers doing real stunts like this because “the audience can tell when it’s you on a green screen or when you’re actually doing it live.” The subtext there is that it’s important that the audience specifically sees Tom Cruise doing these stunts, because that makes him—and the anticipation of seeing his next big stunt—an indelible part of the Mission: Impossible series’ appeal.

Mariah Carey Turning “All I Want For Christmas” Into A Movie

One of Christmas’s most iconic songs is becoming a movie! Mariah Carey frans… geer up to make this the best Christmas yet! Carey took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce the big news with a short teaser of the upcoming film. In the clip, the singer lounges on a couch while wearing red-and-black plaid pajamas as she cuddles with a puppy. “Every holiday season there are traditions we can’t live without. The tree, the stockings, the presents and Mariah Carey,” a message reads in the trailer. “My song is becoming a movie! You’re the first to hear about this exciting news!” she tweeted. The film, produced by Universal Studios, will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and on demand just in time for Christmas this year. But while details of the plot have not yet been released, this isn’t the first time the song has taken on a new form. She turned the classic tune into a children’s book in 2015, featuring an animated Carey as the main character. My song is becoming a movie! You’re the first to hear about this exciting news! Follow @AllIWantMovie for more updates. #AllIWantMovie — Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) March 21, 2017

Jennifer Lopez Admits She Lived On “One Piece Of Pizza A Day” Before Making It Big

It’s definitely not easy trying to make it in the real world… especially when you are trying to make it big as a famous singer, actor, dancer, whatever it is… it’t not easy. Even for people that are high up now, like Jennifer Lopez had it tough. She revealed she lived on just one slice of pizza a day as a struggling dancer before making it big. The entertainer opened up about her early days in showbiz during a press day for NBC in Los Angeles on Monday, March 20, where she chatted about her new dance reality competition show, World of Dance. “I remember only getting to have one piece of pizza every day when I was a dancer,” said the Bronx native, who started out as a Fly Girl on the sketch comedy classic In Living Color. “That’s how I lived. I did that for a couple of years before I got my first big job.” But she said those tough early days of pinching pennies and waiting for her big break taught her not to take her success for granted. “I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” she said. “For me, coming from that struggle, this is a dream come true for me. I don’t say that lightly.”

“Dancing With The Stars” Crotch Grab Happens on Live TV

Pro bull rider Bonner Bolton must have not realize the camera was still rolling becaue he “accidentally” grabbed dancer Sharna Burgess in an innappropriate place… uh oh! Oops. When you forget you're​ on live TV. @bonner_bolton @SharnaBurgess #dwts #DancingWiththeStars #teamdenimNdiamonds — Bre (@bre32aik) March 21, 2017

Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, LBT Headlining Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam

The A-list lineup for the 2017 Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam will feature headliners Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Little Big Town. “Come join us on Labor Day weekend with our good friends Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan,“ the members of LBT announced in a special video for FOX News, which exclusively announced the lineup. “The real fun beach where artists come to play. See you there!“ The three-day music festival will take place September 1-3 in Panama City Beach, Florida, with tickets going on sale April 2. Past performers have included Eric Church, Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley, and Keith Urban. EXCLUSIVE: Luke Bryan, Little Big Town and Jason Aldean will headline Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam | Fox News:

Tom Brady’s Missing Superbowl Jersey was Found… In Mexico

The case of TOM BRADY’s missing Super Bowl jersey has been solved, and the media has narrowed down the suspect. Turns out it wasn’t misplaced. It was in fact stolen by someone. Contrary to Brady’s own investigation, the thief was NOT Lady Gaga . . . As it turns out, the jersey was found in Mexico, along with other Super Bowl memorabilia, including Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl 49 in 2015, and Von Miller’s Denver Broncos helmet from Super Bowl 50 last year. All the items are in the process of being authenticated. The thief was apparently a Mexican journalist named Martin Mauricio Ortega. He was the director of a major Mexican newspaper until he resigned last week. The authorities found footage from Fox, which showed Ortega enter the locker room, and reach into Brady’s bag. He put the jersey into a black plastic bag and left. His back was to the camera, so officials had to go through about 20,000 people with credentials to be in the area before settling on Ortega.

J-Lo says Ex-Husband, Marc Anthony is Her Best Friend

When you’re with someone for a while, they become your best friends since you are with them for the majority of the days, weeks, months, and so on. But when you break up, normally you move on and the friendship goes with it… but this isn’t the case for JEnnifer Lopez and ex-husband Marc Anthony. Apparently, there’s absolutely no bad blood between them and J-Lo states, “we’re, like, best friends.” This was announced on Monday’s episode of Live! With Kelly. “We’re making an album right now. He’s helping me make my Spanish-language album.” The 47-year-old singer-actress went on to admit, “At first I was like, ‘We’re good with the kids and everything, but if we start working together, are we going to start going at each other again? [But] it’s been awesome. Honestly, I think it’s even helped our relationship. It’s made us even better. We’re just in a really great place.” J-Lo, who shares 9-year-old twins Max and Emme with Anthony, added, “It’s great. The kids get to spend time with the two of us more together and see us working together. It’s just good for them, it’s good for us, and it’s just good for the entire family. We’re always going to be great friends.” Lopez and Anthony divorced in 2011 after seven years of marriage.

Bryan, Lambert, Church, Urban Headlining CMA Music Festival

The 2017 CMA Music Festival has finally unveiled its list of A-list headliners, and the lineup of country heavy hitters who are scheduled to play the annual event does not disappoint. Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, Maren Morris, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Kelsea Ballerini, Little Big Town, Florida Georgia Line, Lady Antebellum, and Darius Rucker are just some of the names that fans will be able to see perform on the festival’s big stage at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium. The lineups were announced Friday on Good Morning America. The CMA Music Fest takes place June 8-11 at venues throughout Music City. CMA Music Festival Artist Lineup Announced : MusicRow – Nashville’s Music Industry Publication – News, Songs From Music City: CMA Music Festival: Eric Church, Miranda Lambert Lead Lineup – Rolling Stone:
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