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Luke Bryan Is All About That Bass with Son Tate

Luke Bryan definitely tries to get in family time when he can, and the other day he took his son Tate and friend Brody out for some fishin.’ Looks like Tate caught a biggin!:

RaeLynn Donates $10,000 to Texas Children’s Hospital

Our girl RaeLynn has had quite the past week! With her album “Wildhorse” debiting at #1 on iTunes, and so many special moments, one of the highlights is that she got to donate money to a cause close to her heart:

Luke Combs Announces Debut Album

Luke Combs revealed yesterday his debut album, including the cover artwork he did himself, plus the track listings.] Combs says, “From North Carolina to Nashville, this project has been such a long time in the making and I can’t wait for the fans to hear it. I sincerely hope they enjoy the album because they are the reason I do what I do.”

Jason Aldean Creates VIP Experience For Cancer Survivors Only

Jason Aldean is offering a once in a lifetime VIP experience for breast cancer survivors. It’s the chance to be an “honorary roadie.”  He lost a friend to the disease so it seems he is making sure that anyone who survives the disease gets to live life to the fullest! And the best part is, if you now someone, you can nominate them!  Go to to enter or nominate someone. He has been doing a lot to raise awareness for breast cancer research for the past 13 years becuase he lost an friend, his best friend’s wife, to the disease back in 2004, when she was in her early thirties. So for his tour starting at the end of April, he’s offering breast cancer survivors the chance to be an “honorary roadie” again.At select shows, a breast cancer survivor and their guest get tickets, VIP backstage access, and a private meet and greet.  Jason basically rolls out the red carpet for them, and gives them the royal treatment. They have dinner with him and everyone putting the show together, hang out, see the concert . . . the whole bit.  He also donates a portion of each ticket to the Komen foundation. Just go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation website at to enter or nominate someone. He says, quote, “As long as I’m doing what I’m doing, I will do what I can to fight breast cancer and celebrate its survivors . . . we’re going to treat as many survivors as we can this year with a night out to take their minds off everything else.

Jana Kramer Defends Visit to Discovery Cove

Jana Kramer was in Orlando last weekend as part of a promotion with Diamond Resorts, but during her stay, she made a trip over to see the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Jana however had a moment where she found herself deleting one of the photos, only to post it again later with this message:

Dylan Scott Says A Special Someone Is The Inspiration For “My Girl”

Do we have the next “Thomas Rhett and Lauren” of country music right here? Dylan Scott says the success of his single, “My Girl,” is made even more special by the fact that his wife, Blair, serves as the song’s inspiration: “It’s exciting is what it is…exciting to, like you said, take a song that is you, in your life, and letting everyone else in on that and share it. It’s about my wife, so it’s a really, really special song to me. She thinks it’s sweet and all that stuff you, you know. ‘Cause she asks me, she’s like, ‘So, this is about me, right?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, it’s about you, obviously.'”  

Faith Hill Opens Up About Getting Back Out On Tour After So Many Years

Obviously we aren’t the professionals so we could never know what its like to be “rusty” for a performance after years of not being on a HUGE stage… but it has to be like riding a bike, right? Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have begun rehearsals for their big upcoming 2017 Soul 2 Soul tour and for Faith getting back on stage after so long just recently, she says it “felt amazing.” She shared with Westwood One’s Country Countdown USA that, “I miss it, you know it’s been a long time since I’ve been out on stage, we have the best band my gosh…” (Tim) “We have a killer band.” (Faith) “…a killer band and the audience had so much amazing energy and just being in that room and I was fired up. And I just felt like it was my first time to be on stage ever and I was going to absorb every single second of it.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Play “Most Likely To…”

Tim McGraw and Faith hill played a fun little game of “Most Likely To.” Which is a pretty self explanitory game. Someone says who is most likely to do this thing and they answer. Tim’s most likely to hog the remote and be romantic . . . Faith’s most likely to plan a vacation or discipline the kids. They did the interview yesterday. Here are some of the questions to they’re game of “Most Likely To.”  See if you can guess the answers . . . Who’s most likely to wake up first? Answer:  Faith Most likely to control the TV remote? Answer:  Tim.  He likes to watch reality shows where they’re in the garage, rebuilding cars and stuff.  Faith’s more of an “Alaskan Bush People” type.  And the last thing they binge-watched was “The Crown”. Most likely to fall asleep in the middle of the movie?  Answer: They both do. Most likely to plan a vacation? Answer: Faith.  But Tim’s all about the ‘surprise’ vacation. Most likely to cook?  Answer: Neither . . . because they BOTH cook.  Faith’s specialty is fried chicken, cornbread, peas, and cherry pie.  Tim says his specialty is chicken and dumplings, but Faith says it’s spaghetti and meatballs.

Watch: Darius Rucker Gets Emotional After SC Win

We know Darius Rucker is a HUGE sports fan. I mean he started his own sporting agency… also, he is super loyal to his school. So mix the two together and you get a crying Darius after they win a big game! He got emotional after South Carolina’s basketball win last night.  And since that’s where he went to school, and it’s their first trip ever to the Final Four – The South Carolina Gamecocks upset Florida in the Elite Eight last night, 77 to 70.  It’s the first time South Carolina’s ever made the Final Four. He watched the game at Madison Square Garden . . . and he got pretty emotional.  Below is the video of him watching the win, and he’s just speechless with tears in his eyes. After the game he said, quote, “I got some guys I went to college with, and we were like, ‘Man, we’re in the Garden, watching the Gamecocks play to go to the Final Four.’  If you had told me that ten years ago, I would’ve told you you were on crack.” The Gamecocks play Gonzaga on Saturday in Phoenix, and Darius says he might skip the ACMs to watch.  But it shouldn’t be a problem, since the ACMs are Sunday in Vegas.  Still, here’s how much of a hardcore fan he is . . . He wasn’t there for Friday’s win over Baylor because he and the guys from Hootie and The Blowfish played in Charleston . . . with two TVs facing them on stage, so they could still watch during the show. Video: Darius Rucker is crying — Sports Illustrated (@SInow) March 26, 2017

Darius Rucker Meets His Wax Figure

Nashville is opening a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and we have seen a few pictures of Blake Sheltons wax figure or when Luke Bryan Met his wax figure… but now, Darius Rucker gets to look at himself as a wax figure… That has to be such a weird experience. He says having his own wax figure makes him feel as if he’s truly made it to the next level as an artist. The museum took to instagram to show the two sitting next to each other and captioned it, “We’re so excited to have debuted our ground-breaking @DariusRucker figure today at #madametussaudsnashville with the “Wagon Wheel” singer himself! Buy tickets now to see  the first-ever figure with 3D interactive projection technology when we open April 14 (link in bio). #23days #famousfun” … what do you think? Does it look like Darius?

Thomas Rhett’s New Single Ft. Maren Morris

We could always use new Thomas Rhett… especially when its paired with one of our favorites. Thomas Rhett announced this weekend that he has a new single called “Craving You” and it’s a duet with rising superstar, Maren Morris. “There’s a lot of females that are killing it right now, and Maren is definitely one of those girls whose voice is just undeniably powerful and soulful,” Rhett says. “And on top of that, [she’s] just a really, really sweet person to work with. I think she just adds so much life and so much intensity to this song.” Rhett, who is already playing “Craving You” live, says he was “blown away by the longing-ness of the story” and added that the pop-rock-country hybrid is “a little bit emotional, a little bit tense.” The song is slated to appear on Rhett’s third studio album, and will be available on March 31.

Carrie Underwood Surprised with Awesome Gifts For 100th Opry Performance

Carrie Underwood performed at the Grand Ole Opry for the 100th time on Saturday.  The first time was twelve years ago, in 2005, two weeks after winning “American Idol”.   And she was inducted less than three years later. So of course, Saturday was a huge night for her and the Opry made sure she enjoyed it! Carrie Underwood took to instagram to show that the Opry had surprised her with 100 roses and a HUGE cupcake tower with a cake that says 100 all over it. She captioned one photo with “When you play your 100th show at the @opry you shove your face into some delicious #IveyCake !!! That’s just the way it goes! What an amazing night! Thanks to everyone who shared it with me!” and she captioned another photo “Here’s the whole cake and cupcake tower…along with 100 roses for 100 shows! Such a wonderful night! ❤️️❤️️❤️️ @opry @iveycakestore.” What a way to spend a Saturday.

Justin Moore’s Family is Hoping 4th Child is a Boy

When you live in a family full of mostly girls, of course deep down you are going to have a hope that your next addition is a boy. And when you are under the age of 10 years old, your going to make sure everyone knows that you hope your newest sibling is a brother! Justin Moore has admitted that two of his three daughters are hoping their new sibling, who is set to arrive in June, will be a boy. “[Seven-year-old] Ella said the other day, ‘If it’s a girl, I won’t never talk to it or claim it. I won’t never hold it,’” Moore tells The Boot. “[Five-year-old] Kennedy’s not as strong with her words, which is surprising because typically she’s the strongest, but she wants a brother as well.” He goes on to explain that 2-year-old Klein is still too young to care either way. “Klein keeps going to preschool [and] telling her teacher she’s got a baby in her belly,” Moore notes. “I don’t think she completely comprehends what’s happening.”

Sam Hunt Opens Up About Wedding Details and His Fiance

Sam Hunt Played the Houston Rodeo not to long ago and while he was there CMT did a little interview with him where Sam Hunt Revealed quite a few details about his big day. He talked about his music and how his first priority is his fiance/soon to be wife. Music is a 2nd. Such a gentleman! “I am working on new music and new songs,” he revealed. “I’ll continue to do that throughout the spring and summer. But that will be priority No. 2 behind planning a wedding and hanging with my fiancée, who will be my wife. Instead of waiting to have a full record done to put out new music, I’d like to be able to put out new music as I continue to work on it as we go.” Family is playing a big part in helping the couple plan their wedding. “Fortunately her sister works in that business, but we’re low key,” he said. “We’re low maintenance – keep it small and quaint and quiet. So it’s not been too much of a burden. “She’s a good girl,” he added of his fiancée. “Made to be.” And he mentioned that his wedding will be in the spring, meaning we are getting closer and closer and closer to that day… keep your eyes peeled! lol

Sam Hunt Creates Retro Video for “Body Like a Back Road”

Sam Hunt released a lyric video for Body Like A Back Road and he took a different spin on it. Its very retro and older and is a video of a bunch of  guys on old school dirt bikes. Definitely gives the song a different feel than what you would have expected. Sam Hunt, Maren Morris and Chris Janson will be in Tampa on July 14th!

New Music From Thomas Rhett Featuring another Country Superstar

New music from Thomas Rhett is exactly what we need right now! Especially when his new song has the one and only Maren Morris on it with him! It’s going to be an epic new song. He took to instagram last week to announce the song called “Craving You” and he captioned the photo ” Your first taste of album #3 coming next week! New single “Craving You” featuring @marenmorris available everywhere 3/31″ So it’ll be here next week! AAAHH

Darius Rucker Didn’t Use His “Hootie” Fame To Make It Big In Country Music

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, its a good thing. And one of the few rock acts to successfully crossover to country is the man himself, Darius Rucker. And it wasn’t as easy for him to do as you might think. It’s worth talking about HOW he made that happen. He said it’s because he checked his ego at the door and did all the things that new artists are supposed to do. Quote, “I didn’t walk in saying, ‘Hey man, I’m Darius from Hootie and the Blowfish, you all should be playing my records.’ “I went in and shook hands and kissed babies and said, ‘Hey man, here’s my record. If you like it, play it . . . if not, I understand.'” Now here’s the ironic part. Apparently, country music had a bit of a lull in the midnineties, and people blamed Hootie and the Blowfish . . . because their music sounded “too country.” Quote, “[People] told me, ‘Yeah, we blame you guys for taking our audience away.’ I was like ‘Wow, okay. Hope I can bring a couple people back, I guess.’ But that was crazy, because our music wasn’t that much different than country music.”

Michael Ray Visits Australia for 1st Time

Koalas! Michael Ray got to hold this cutie while visiting Australia yesterday, how cute?! Michael told us last weekend that this trip to Australia would be his first time ever. He’s definitely making big moves in his career, and we couldn’t be happier for him!

Dustin Lynch Brags About His Small Hometown

Everyone gets homesick… Even Dustin Lynch whose hometown isn’t to far from the big city of Nashville where he currently resides as he plays out his country music dreams. Lynch’s hometown is just a few hours away in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Dustin says,  “Tullahoma made me the guy I am and really instilled kinda what I believe in and what I sing about. And so, I like to go back there and let everybody know that hey this place is great, you know. I think a lot of people in small towns grow up and wanna go, ‘Man, I wanna go to the big city this place stinks.’ And what I’ve learned is everybody always comes back. Even my friends that have lived in Vegas or L.A. miss it.”  

Thomas Rhett And Wife Update Fans On Baby Akins

  Even though we already knew Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, were having a girl (since they already  did a gender last month) the couple took to Instagram yesterday (3/23) to confirm that they are indeed having a girl and also they updated fans on how far along she is allowing the world to add up her due date. Thomas Rhett said in the video, “We just had our 20-week checkup and it is confirmed that we are having a girl, even though ya’ll knew that. You just never know.” (Lauren) “For sure, for sure now. We are 100-percent positive. We have seen everything.” (Thomas) “100 percent little girl baby Akins on the way.” (Lauren) “Mark your calendars.” (Thomas) [laughs] “That’d be weird.”  (Lauren) “Don’t mark your calendars.” Jokes definitely on them though because we marked our calendars… (LOL) Baby Akins should make her arrival mid August!
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