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Carrie Underwood’s Husband is Considering Retirement From NHL

Hockey isn’t the most graceful sport out there… so after 17 years and more than 1,000 games played in the NHL your body has to be tired, wouldn’t you thin? Well  Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher may be considering retirement.  With his two-year contract with the Nashville Predators set to expire on June 30, Fisher is weighing his options and, according to The Tennessean, is considering hanging up his skates. I mean, besides winning the Stanley Cup… Mike has taken his Nashville Predators pretty much as far as you can go in the league! Predators made a historic bid for the Stanley Cup recently, but ultimately fell short to Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6 of the Finals. He still hasn’t announced his decision, but he does have a lot of non-hockey factors to consider, including his wife Carrie and their son Isaiah.  Fisher tells The Tennessean, “For me, it’s faith, family and then hockey, really. We’ll see where that fits in. I love being part of this group. I had a blast.”  

Brad Paisley Talks About Being a Part of the New Cars Movie!

Brad Paisley decided to jump into the movie making biz for just a little bit. Well, sort of. He tells us about his involvement in the movie, which is in theaters today. He says, “This latest installment, I’ve gotten to see the whole thing. And you know, I got to score about five and a half minutes of this movie myself. And so, being able to contribute to something like that and be part of, what I think would be maybe a lot of people’s favorite scene in the movie, is going to be mind-blowing.”  

Blake Shelton Turns 41 On Sunday And Gwen Is Getting Ready

41 isn’t one of those milestone numbers, like 25, 30 and 50, where you get a big party and what not but with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, you get this feeling every birthday is a milestone birthday. LOL With Blakes 41st birthday coming up on Sunday (6/18), he is pretty sure his girlfriend Gwen Stefani has big plans for the day. He says, “I don’t have any big plans. You know, I think Gwen has something planned for me. She’s really big on, you know, if something’s going on in your life. You know, she wants to make it special. And she’s gets excited about that stuff…or anybody that she cares about, you know. And so, I think they’re gonna have some kind of a party or somethin’.”

Thomas Rhett’s Wife And Daughter Willa Make “Summer Flower Bestie Anklets”

Seriously though… can you think of anything cuter than a perfect little baby and her loving mother making Summer Flower Bestie Anklets?! Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren and their daughter Willa made some the other day and Lauren took to Instagram to share with fans… She captioned the photo “ summer flower bestie anklet season is here ”

Thomas Rhrett Reflects On Moments That His Dad Saved Him From Panicking

Father’s day is all abut thanking your dad for being a great father and being supportive and their for you as their child. And Thomas Rhett thinks back to how his dad taught him lessons about putting on a live show that he will never forget and made him the artist he was today. He says, “You know dad has always just been like such a constant when it comes to me and my live show.  A lot of that comes from me just growing up watching him play so many shows as an artist.  But he is the sole reason on a lot of shows where I have not completely had a panic attack. Like I’ll walk off stage and know that I did not play my best show and he’s always the first one to be like, ‘Yeah, you know, a couple of things were pretty rough. But overall it was good.’ He’s always been that calming presence and always been the guy that says, ‘Why don’t you try swappin’ these two songs and see what happens,’ or ‘It’s alright, we’ll write it. Don’t worry that we don’t have your first single, we will make it happen one way or the other.’” So as father’s day approaches, WE want to thank Thomas Rhett’s dad, for the artist he is today because Thomas is one of our favorites! 

Carrie Underwood Posts Heartfelt Thank You For Her Husband And His NHL Season

Last night Carrie Underwood stood next to her husband as the Nashville Predators had their celebratory season party/dinner. She took to instagram to post thanks for the amazing season her husband had (win or lose) and she also swooned over her “hunk” of a husband. The photo is of her and her hubby on a rooftop somewhere in nashville and she captioned the photo “Had a lovely night last night celebrating with the players, wives and staff of the @predsnhl …oh, as well as with this hunk! We are so thankful for such an incredible season and the amazing group of people we got to spend it with! #blessed”

Blake Shelton Thinks Back On Performing In Venue He Now Owns

Owning the building that Blake Shelton will soon call “Ole Red” is pretty much a full circle moment for him! He recalls touring the property in that venue where it will be built in downtown Nashville, and realizing the magnitude of being the location he purchased on Lower Broadway. He says, “We went on every floor, and then we got to the top and there was like a way to get to the top of the building up there, and right now it’s just tar or whatever they put up there. And so, those guys Colin [Reed] and everybody [from Ryman Hospitality Properties] walked over to this side of Broadway and me and Gwen [Stefani] walked to the back of the building. We were standing there, she goes, ‘What you gonna do?’ ‘I want to do this. This is exciting, this is cool,’ and she goes, ‘That’s what I thought.’ You know, it’s taller than anything down here. I was trying to play my cards close to my chest and kind of be like, ‘Eh, maybe’ and the whole time going, ‘This is awesome!’ You know.”

Michael Ray Teases New Single

Michael Ray, our favorite Florida boy,  took to social media to tease his new single that is set to release this summer! It’s called “Get To You”… What do you think?

Video: Garth Brooks Gives Guitar Off His Back To Young Musician

  Another good Samaritan move by Garth Brooks happened over the weekend! He shocked a young musician at a recent concert in Montana by handing him the guitar off his back. Taste of Country reports that the special moment occurred during Brooks’ run weekend tour stops at the Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings. While 24-year-old Jeremy Larson scored tickets to all of Brooks’ gigs and caught the singer’s attention during the first show on Friday, he held a sign on Saturday–which showed him playing the same model of guitar that Brooks prefers. “Oh no no, that’s not one of these,” Brooks says in a video shared by Larson on Facebook. He adds, “That’s a Takamine but it’s not one of these. Dude, if you’re gonna play guitar…” before handing Larson the guitar he was playing at the time. “You can hear me squeal like a kid,” Larson recalls of the moment. “I can’t describe the emotions.”

DeMario Breaks Silence About What Happened To Halt Bachelor In Paradise Filming

The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise are all shows that have been going on for quite a few years now, and there has always been crazy things that went on in this show but this season of Bachelor in Paradise was halted  from filming because of some actions and a allegations about star DeMario Jackson (from Rachel’s season of the Bachelorette) and Corrine Olympios (from Nick’s season of the Bachelor). Entertainment Tonight finally caught up with DeMario outside of a Starbucks in LA on Tuesday where he broke his silence about his co-star Corinne. When asked by Entertainment Tonight what happened in Mexico, he replied, “No comment.” He then elaborated, “I have nothing to say. You know, Corinne’s an awesome girl and that’s all I have to say.” Jaxkson also thanked his fans for their support. A source close to him tells ET that Jackson believes he’ll be vindicated by show footage. “He’s definitely said a few times that based on his conversations with other cast mates who were there that they never felt like it was to the level it’s being portrayed,” the source says. “DeMario feels the footage [from the show] will back up his side.” Production for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise was stopped over the weekend after “allegations of misconduct” involving Jackson and Olympios allegedly having sex in the pool after the cast had been “drinking all day.” Olympios appeared to be unconscious by the end of the encounter.

Photos: Country Music Represents on Upcoming Episode of The Bachelorette

Newcomer Russell Dickerson, who sings the emerging popular wedding song “Yours” will appear on an upcoming episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette, where he’ll give a special performance of that Top 50 single, “Yours,” for the newest Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. And of course, they picked the person person to help set the romantic mood for Lindsay’s date at a private concert in Hilton Head, South Carolina. From reports, it looks like her one on one date for this concert is going to be Dean… photos below. The new episode will air on Monday (6/19) at 8 PM ET on ABC.

Highest Paid Country Artists And How Much Money They Bring In…

So of course when you have some favorite artists, and you see where they travel, the houses they live in, the cars they drive, its only natural to want to know how much money they make. What is their yearly income… well, several country stars have made the cut on Forbes’ “100 Highest-Paid Celebrities” list for 2017. Garth Brooks is the highest ranked country singer on the list, coming in at 26th place with 60 million made. Kenny Chesney earned $42.5 million and Luke Bryan earned $42 million, putting them at No. 53 and 55, respectively. Dolly Parton notched the No. 71 spot with earnings of $37 million, while Toby Keith and Florida Georgia Line found themselves tied at No. 83 with $34.5 million of income. Jason Aldean rounded out the country stars with a 98th place finish and $32.5 million earned. At the very top of this year’s list was rapper Sean Combs (A.K.A. Diddy), who pulled in $130 million alone over the last year! Also on the list are athletes, actors, and other celebrities and this list’s findings were compiled from celebrities’ pretax income from June 1, 2016 through June 1, 2017. The full list can be seen here.

Finally, New Music From Luke Bryan!

Something that fans have been waiting a long time for, is finally here! Luke Bryan is coming out with a new album! He gives us some details on his “Kill the Lights” follow up album that he has been working on… “Certainly, I’m in the studio. [I’ve] recorded some stuff, [I’m] probably halfway through my project. [I’m] really getting geared up. I’ve been writing the past month. And I really have not ever taken like a breath since I rolled into this town. So, I’m kind of taking a little breath and enjoying that. And then you kind of have anxiety about, you know, not having music out. So, yeah, I’m in the studio, and [I’m] really really proud of the stuff I got.”

Dustin Lynch Says Brad Paisleys Tour Catering Is a Thing Of Royalty

Dustin Lynch is out on tour right now with Brad Paisley and he confirms the rumors that everyone has heard about Brad Paisleys catering… apparently it’s the stuff of legend and an insider from Ashley’s all access…. Brad has a juice bar area too that is off limits! LOL Dustin Lynch tells us,”The first catering I ever had in my life was Brad Paisley catering. I went out…it was a show in Memphis, and Justin Moore took me on his bus just to roll and just kind of check it out. And I remember eating the catering there, and I had like freakin’ swordfish or something. I was like, ‘What is [this].’ You know, we’re used to pizza and barbeque and he’s serving five-star dinners out there. You know, I think that really kinda helps the spirit of a tour whenever you’re eating good every day and not having to eat fare food and stuff like that, it definitely helps the vibe backstage, for sure.”  

Dierks Bentley Says Nashville Changed The NHL

It was a big few weeks in Nashville with CMA Fest and the Stanley Cup coinciding and even though in the end the Nashville Predators lost the Stanley Cup to the Pittsburgh Penguins. according to Dierks Bentley the city has done a lot for hockey over the past several weeks: “I’ve got some friends who work for the NHL, and they said they’ve never seen an atmosphere like the one here in Nashville. They said it’s like collegiate – the chants, the way everyone chants together and the volume is the loudest they’ve ever heard it anywhere in the country. It’s not so much about what the Stanley Cup means to Nashville, it’s more about what Nashville is doing for hockey. I mean we’re doing a lot more for the NHL is doing then what the NHL is doing for us. We’re showing really the NHL what a really great hockey town looks like.” The last game was Sunday night, 6/11 in Nashville and the streets of Downtown Nashville were just a sea of people cheering on their city. Dierks was right smack dab in the middle of all of it too…

Jason Aldean Shares Why Having A Boy Is So Exciting For Him & His Wife

Jason Aldean broke the news of the gender of his baby, a few weeks ago with a social media post of him and his family doing  a gender reveal. Jason already has two younger girls and now he has his son. While on the red carpet at the recent CMT Music Awards, Jason Aldean told Entertainment Tonight about how excited he is about having a baby boy with wife Brittany “Both sides of our families are full of girls. I have two, my sister’s got three, [Brittany’s] sister has got two, and so there are no boys at all. And so, for this to be the first boy in the family on both sides is kind of a special thing, I think, for everybody. And everybody’s really excited. And we kinda secretly were hoping it was a boy, too.” Entertainment Tonight also asked Jason and his wife about names they may have in mind for the litte guy and this is what they said… Jason: “We’re finding out that boy’s names are a lot harder to come up with than girl’s names for some reason, and we got a couple things we like, but nothing for sure.” Brittany Aldean- “Yeah, nothing solid.” Jason- “It will be something unique and different. I mean, you know, nothing crazy like a direction — East, West, North, South — none of that stuff. But it will be something cool. Both of us have names that are really common, Jason and Brittany, so, something that’s kind of unique, I think, is kind of our main goal.”

Florida Georgia Line Dance Moves Were Influenced By Nick Carter

Juicy information comes out in a new interview with Page Six, the fellas of Florida Georgia Line reveal that a now close friend is how they learned some of their best dance moves! And it wasn’t even from when they were younger! LOL Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys…. “For our performance for the iHeartRadio Festival show we did with them, we had our very first dance lesson with Nick Carter,” FGL’s Tyler Hubbard reveals. “That was a pretty epic, special thing. Nick Carter himself.” Hubbard goes on to describe the boy banders as “amazing.” “They’ve become some of our great friends and we’ve had a lot of good times hanging with them,” he adds. Both groups collaborated on the single “God, Your Mama, and Me” earlier this year.

Pulse Victim, Cory Connell, Has Nephew Named After Him

Cory Connell was one of the victims of the Pulse Attack, one year ago today. He was one of the 49 victims lost that day. His sister, Ashley, was pregnant at the time wiht Cory’s nephew but the 21-year-old never got to meet him as he was born nearly two months after that horrible night. Ashley Connell and her husband, Shion Andy Pierre Charles, decided to keep her brothers name going and named their precious little son after her brother. Now, at 10 months old, Cory Pierre Charles has been the light through the darkness this past year for the Connell family. “I just wish Cory, big Cory, could have met little Cory,” says Ryan Connell, Cory’s older brother. “He’s as happy and as fun loving as can be. And it’s really awesome.” Cory’s siblings and parents all live in Central Florida. And if you remember, last year when Brad Paisley was in town, K92.3 got the Connell’s story to Brad about how Cory’s parents used a Paisley song during Chris’s funeral and the parents were invited back stage to meet the country artists. (video below). Cory’s Family says he was always a “ball of energy”  and  he is missed at every family get together. They wish he was among them for “epic roasting battles,” sports competitions, goofy fun, The Orlando Sentinel reports. “There’s a video of us singing George Strait together. I would give anything to do that over and over again,” Ryan says. “That’s something I really miss, is just having that time of just being together as a family. I would give anything to put my arms around him one more time, that’s for damn sure.” The family told The Orlando Sentinel that they loves a photo taken of Cory on a 2015 trip to Haiti (pictured in the photo above), where he’d traveled with his sister and brother-in-law, a Haitian native. It captured Cory atop a hill, ocean and sky behind him. His expression seems to show his determined nature. He worked as a cashier at the College Park Publix, studied at Valencia College and hoped to be a firefighter. “That’s just typical Cory right there,” Ryan says. “Standing above the world with his arms out, flying above us.”

Jason Aldean Teases The Name Of His First Son

  Jason Aldean was apart of the Taste of Country Music Festival in NY over the weekend where they got to sit down with him and ask a few questions that we have been dying to know the answer too… one thing they found out was he’s not opposed to naming his baby boy after a rock legend!Y. They joked about Gregg Allman’s name because he was a major influence over Jason’s music and career but the “They Don’t Know” singer admitted “Allman” probably won’t work —  but he and wife Brittany have kicked around the idea of naming their son after someone else that’s left a lasting legacy on their lives. “It’s definitely something we’ve thought about already,” he says. “We just haven’t really settled on anything yet.” Jason Aldean already has two daughters who are 14 and 9 so this will be Jason’s first son and his wife’s first child! Plus this will be the first boy born on either side of the family in a very long time. In fact, Aldean is the last of the men in his family tree. The same holds true for Brittany’s side of the family as well, he tells Taste of Country. It’s been nothing but girl after girl since he was born 40 years ago. And technically Jason’s real last name is Williams so his son will continue the Williams name! How old does the boy need to be to go hunting? “Whenever he can be quiet for a couple hours,” Aldean jokes.  

Watch: Luke Bryan Kicks Off Stanley Cup Game 6 With Rooftop Show

Things that will only happen in Nashville, thousands and thousands of people will show up for a free country concert by one of country musics biggest artists, right before a Stanley Cup Finals Game… and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That is what makes Nashville so great. Country and hockey fans alike have been treated to some of the genre’s biggest names opening the Nashville Predators home games during the race to the Stanley Cup. For Game 6 on Sunday night, Luke Bryan offered an extra special surprise, kicking off the game with a live performance on top of one of Nashville’s most famous bars. Bryan performed his hit “I Don’t Want This Night to End” atop the famed Tootsie’s bar on Broadway, with fans filling the streets of downtown Nashville below. Tootsie’s sits across from the Preds’ home of Bridgestone Arena, and Bryan came in full-on Preds gear, wearing a jersey with his name on the back and a “Smash” hat. But of course he changed up his song just a little bit for the occasion and sang , “I don’t want these Stanley Cup finals to ever ever end.”
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