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Pink Gets Mommy Shamed For Posting This Instagram Photo

Everyone has an opinion what actions are right and which ones are wrong. And quite a few people shared those opinions on Pink’s instagram after she posted a photo of her sitting on the ground, in front of her microwave with the caption “When microwaving your decaf coffee becomes an excuse to sit on the floor and rest for a while….#help #reststop #illjustbehereifyouneedme” and people were mommy shaming her left and right in the comments of the photo. went through a picked out a few comments people were making on the photo….

“Three doctors told me coffee is coffee, decaf or not…Feeding addictive stimulants to an unborn baby. Well, that’s your choice…I just stayed away from anything that may disturb my baby’s growth. A very worthwhile price so my baby can grow healthy and free of my not so healthy choices. My babies were so worth it. They come first, always. Hey, no ones place to judge. (Well, no one that doesn’t know you.) That’s your choice, and yours alone.”


“It’s one thing that she’s drinking coffee but the second thing is that she microwaves which kills all and everything in the milk if she uses milk is not good for the baby.”

“Why is the microwave oven so low?”

“Can relate! But not with the coffee, though. You got to wean yourself off of some things you love for the sake of the baby.”

“Why the microwave so low?”


“How do you know it’s coffee?” (What else would it be?)

“Can i give you a solid? Don’t microwave anything! All food/drinks loose there essence after microwaving for more than 60 seconds.” 

Seems like people are really concerned with why the microwave is so low… LOL

Have You Made Out With A Coworker At The Company Holiday Party?

The trailer for the New Movie “Office Holiday Party” where there is definitely some making out going on with coworkers LOL

Have you ever made out with a coworker at the company holiday party? If you have, dont feel bad. A new survey shows that this has happened to 39% of people… You aren’t alone! We’re entering company holiday party season, and all the landmines and bad decisions that come with it. Or GREAT DECISIONS, depending on your perspective.

According to a new survey, 39% of people say they’ve made out with a coworker at the company holiday party. And a lot of those people were married or in a serious relationship with someone else when they did it. And it looks like lots of people will have the opportunity to make that mistake again this year. 89% of companies say they’re having some kind of holiday party, which is up from 85% last year.

65% of them will serve alcohol . . . and only 30% are open to people bringing their spouse or a guest. Sounds like it could be a very interesting month of December in some companies!

Prince Harry Spoiling His New Girlfriend With Jewelry

Photo from US Magazine

Meghan Markle is not afraid to  show off the goodies that Prince Harry has gotten her. She is proud of the love they have, obviously. In Toronto over the weekend she was seen  wearing a personalized necklace featuring their fist initials side-by-side. Us Weekly reports that the 35-year-old Suits actress’ Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Letter & Charm Necklace starts at $240. (Each letter beyond the first is an additional $60.) This isn’t the first time that Meghan has used jewelry to display her affection for the ginger royal: She and Prince Harry regularly wear matching beaded bracelets. Wonder when they will show off a ring? LOL

Last Night on The Voice

Last night on the Voice, The FINAL FOUR were announced.  After host Carson Daly revealed that Team Adam’s Billy Gilman, Team Blake’s Sundance Head and Team Alicia’s We (Way) McDonald were safe, Team Miley’s Aaron Gibson and Team Adam’s Brendan Fletcher were cut from the competition. Christian Cuevas, of Team Alicia, started off the Instant Save performances with an emotional cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and was followed by Team Miley’s Ali Caldwell performing a powerful cover of “Sledgehammer” by Rihanna. However, Team Adam’s Josh Gallagher earned the final spot in the top four with his powerful last chance performance of “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice. One Republic also stopped by to perform “Let’s Hurt Tonight” and season 10 finalist Hannah Huston debuted her single “I Alone Have Loved You.”

Christian Cuevas’s Instant Save Performance

Josh Gallagher’s Instant Save Performance 

Blake Shelton’s Performance


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