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New Reality Show Coming To MTV- Creator Wants People From Orlando To Apply

Well this is super cool! This is Mark Long…

Mark is from Orlando and you may know him from quite a few MTV reality shows like The Challenge, Real world and  Road Rules. Well now he has created a new reality show and the show is set to air early next year on MTV and even though we aren’t 100% sure exactly what the show is going to be about we do know that they are accepting applications for contestants for the show! Also, Mark has made if very clear he REALLY WANTS people from Orlando to apply and be on this show! Below is a clip from the Obie and Ashley show this morning where Mark Long is saying how badly he wants Orlando to represent on this show and really wants some of his fellow peers to join in on the show! The show is predicted to air early next year on MTV. Click here to apply…  Labor Of Love  Casting.

Mark Long MTV dating show (1)

Top 10 Most FUN Cities In America

When you are trying to figure out your next vacation spot there are a few places that are on every persons list to visit. There are definitely more fun spots to visit than other and researchers looked at 58 different factors, like how many parks there are . . . how nice the weather is . . . how many bars there are per capita . . . how many music venues each city has . . . and how much it all costs.  Here are the top ten cities in America. . .

  1. Las Vegas.  It ranked first in nightlife, and sixth in entertainment and recreation.
  1. Orlando.  It was near the top in both nightlife and recreation, and it’s a lot cheaper than Vegas.
  1. New York.  Even though it’s the most expensive city to have fun in.
  1. Miami.
  1. Portland, Oregon.
  1. Atlanta.
  1. San Francisco.
  1. New Orleans.
  1. Chicago.
  1. San Diego

Dad Arrested After Chasing Daughter With Clown Mask

You’ve seen video’s go viral on the internet of people scaring others with clown masks, even parents scaring children. It’s all fun and games but things got serious really quickly for Vernon Barrett’s 6-year-old daughter. She has been having trouble behaving properly at school and home. So, Barrett decided to scare some sense into her by putting on a creepy clown mask and chasing his daughter around the grounds of their Ohio apartment complex. The petrified girl responded by running into a neighbor’s apartment and refusing to come out of a back bedroom when her dad—still wearing the clown mask—showed up at the door. This is when Barrett comes face to face with the neighbor who he proceeded to get into a heated argument with, Dion Santiago, who was allegedly drunk and fired a gunshot in the air. Ultimately, the police showed up and charged Santiago with using weapons while intoxicated, while Barrett was charged with child endangerment and inducing panic.

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Carrie Underwood Lives Out Dream With Dolly Parton, Reba, and Vince Gill

When Carrie Underwood starts off the caption of a photo with “How is this my life?” you know that something amazing happened to her. Which it did! Reba celebrated her 40th Opry Anniversary last night (Friday 9/22) with Dolly Parton, Vince Gill and Carrie Underwood. This was a huge deal for Carrie. She captioned the rest of the post with ” I got to be part of this crew celebrating  @reba ‘s 40th anniversary of her first  @opryappearance! Three legends…and me!!! So many dreams came true tonight! #OnlyAtTheOpry  @dollyparton @vincegillofficial ❤️❤️❤️” Then she posted another photo of the 4 of them, still fan-girling over the stars she was with that eventing, with the caption “Ok, just one more pic…❤️❤️  @reba  @dollyparton  @vincegillofficial at the  @opry celebrating Reba’s 40th anniversary of her first Opry performance! Pretty sure we’re all besties now.”

Brett Eldredge Gets Cozy With Music Video Co-Star

By Rare Country:

Brett Eldredge pours his heart into everything he does, but even he admits he poured a little more of that tender heart than usual in his new single, “The Long Way.”

“The song is about making a new relationship, and that connection you feel when you find magic together,” Brett said in a recent interview with Rare Country. “It struck a chord with me. There is just something about that vulnerability, and I have just never heard that vulnerability in a love song until now. I have never gone there in terms of that kind of depth before.”

But he has now, and the song is already becoming a fan favorite from his self-titled his new album. And it looks as if he’s going to make some new fans with not only the song, but also with casting choice to serve as his love interest in the video for the song. It’s budding actress and “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson, who also recently had a role in a Hallmark channel TV movie.

“Shooting the video for ‘The Long Way’ with @legitsadierob … this video is gonna be MAGIC,” Brett wrote in a September 20 Instagram post featuring a photo of him and the gorgeous Sadie, who also works as an  inspirational speaker.

“Hey @bretteldredge, looks like a good day to shoot a music video. What do y’all say?” Sadie wrote on her Instagram page.

And while this seems to just be a fictional love story at this point, we do have to say that these two look awfully cute together.

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